Why Cuban Cigars are the Best

Cuban tobacco, the holy grail of cigars…. or perhaps is it? Ever since the embargo that is Cuban 1962; Cuban cigars have actually been forbidden good fresh fruit for citizens of the United States. They can’t have something, that something usually becomes more desirable if you tell a person.

In spite of the embargo, lots of legitimate Cuban cigars and so lots of counterfeit find their way to the US. Maybe individuals believe the myth that Cuban cigars are rolled on the thighs of virgins which is why they’re so great. Sometimes I think buying Cuban cigars from international is cheaper than buying cigars from a neighborhood shop due to the insane tobacco taxes of some states.

In the 1800’s tobacco the Cuban cigar factories of Key West and York City. The cigars produced were called Havanas that is Clear they were made entirely of Cuban tobacco. After the embargo, the cigar factories had to get alternate tobacco sources or go out of business.

If a stockpile was had by the factories of Cuban tobacco, they might nevertheless create and sell “Pre-Embargo” Cuban cigars. In fact, these” that is Pre-Embargo remain appropriate and will be found at expensive auctions from time to time. If these cigars have now been maintained properly, they might nevertheless be fine for cigarette smoking.

Though, I is hard pressed to think there are any bales of unrolled pre-embargo Cuban tobacco still in existence. No bales that might be used to roll cigars, anyhow.

Even before the embargo, Castro’s regime had commandeered cigar factories and tobacco farms, forcing individuals to leave everything behind and commence over in other countries. One of the few things these evicted farmers did bring using them ended up being tobacco seeds from Cuba.

Because of this, there is tobacco grown into the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras that share a genetic history with Cuban tobacco. The term Cuban seed is used by marketers based on this, even though it does not have much meaning.

Tobacco crops in just about any nation can positively be affected or negatively by many factors. Environmental variables for example rain, sunlight and soil conditions are big facets. The way the tobacco is selected, fermented, aged and stored will even affect quality. Since there is definitely some art and science involved in growing tobacco and rolling cigars, the farms are still subject to unpredictable Mother Nature. No one country has the absolute ideal conditions to make a perfect cigar.

I have heard people declare that Cuban cigars are better or the best cigars in the world and all they smoke are Cuban cigars. I’m that the most useful Nicaraguan, Dominican or Honduran cigars can compare quite nicely utilizing the most useful Cuban cigars. On the side that is flip there isn’t any question that there are sub-par Cuban cigars along with sub-par cigars from other nations.

To your people who smoke cigarettes Cuban cigars solely, I say you are depriving yourself from many great smokes that could possibly be giving you satisfaction.

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